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Payback time: the sugar epidemic in snapshots

A project by a Spanish photographer uses high-quality images to hit back at food corporations and combat obesity   

Australian researcher breaks contract with Nestlé after attack against Brazilian professor

Paediatrician Susan Prescott leaves Advisory Board after ten years. ‘When I see attempts to disparage the NOVA system by industry-funded

The deep pockets of obesity science

How the ultra-processed food industry uses scientific research to undermine public policy, shift the focus and promote consumer habits

Big Food occupies university seats in Brazil’s health regulation agency

Researchers aligned with the private sector act in groups that subsidize the formulation of public policies, succeeding in guaranteeing

Coca’s Happiness Factory is in the Brazilian Amazon. And is not cool

How the corporation and Pepsi receive at least US$ 2 billion a year in credits for taxes that have

How Latin America became the terror of Big Food

Warning signs, taxes, official guidelines against junk food: the region is leading an unprecedented political agenda in an attempt

Big Food targets Brazilian researcher

Scholars and publications with financial ties to the industry reinforce their artillery against Carlos Monteiro (in image), a USP

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